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Just my art blog, for anyone who hates my personal and just wants to look at the arts. (Haha, as if.) They're mostly sketchy doodles and ship heavy.

Hello yes, I would like to draw more Magical girls. I’m making a special offer for magical girl commissions at $10 a character. Here are the details.
$10 for a single character, full body, colored picture 
Transparent background (or single color fill)
May be OC MG or canon Magical Girl character or fan MG version of canon character (OC and fanMGs must have full color ref)
May be Magical Boy or non binary magical being, but has to follow the MG formula (transforms, uses magic to fight)
Preferably in MG fighting outfit (ex: would prefer to draw Sailor Moon over Usagi, or Cure Dream instead of Nozomi.)
I’ll throw in a free magical sidekick/critter as well (Animal has to be small, or it’s no go.)
Please don’t debate on what a MG is, if I decline your request then you can ask for a regular commission
All other rules of my basic commissions apply as well. This is a summer offer, it may go away in the future.
Payment done through Paypal, if you’re interested, please send me a note (here or Deviantart) or email me at (Magical Girl Commission as the subject).
This still makes me chuckle.
zin00 asked: ok for that art style thing (also sorry i am bad at explaining things), i kinda recognize your stuff from the way you draw faces (even if you sometimes draw different kind of noses and stuff) and then i feel like you've got recognizable way of sketching things (ok probably doesn't make any sense, but it's actually harder trying to explain why i recognize your art than it seems! ).

I think it makes a bit of sense. Thanks for answering!

what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?





Oooh please. I give you permission to be critical. Permission! I’m trying at lot of new stuff atm so feedback would actually be really cool.  

Yes, please!